Vaccination against COVID-19 can be arranged for companies that have more than 50 people in their staff who want to be vaccinated. They are vaccinated with Comirnaty vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech. The Ministry of Health informs about it.

Organized teams are vaccinated in each region of Ukraine in the order in which they were recorded through the contact center of the Ministry of Health. This process will be gradual and will depend on the number of mobile immunization teams. For vaccination, you must make a request  for the mobile team to vaccinate the company's employees at the contact center number 0 800 60 20 19. Organized teams should appoint a person responsible for the preparation and organization of the vaccination process. This person makes personal lists of workers willing to be vaccinated. There should be at least 50 people. When the time comes to vaccinate the team, the regional vaccination coordinator will call the person and provide all the necessary information for the preparation of vaccinations.

Before the arrival of the mobile team, the management must provide the necessary conditions. The vaccination room must comply with the following:

  • pre-prepared, hygienically clean, well lit;
  • separated from any production areas or open spaces with workplaces;
  • has ventilation to supply fresh air (supply ventilation, window, etc.);
  • has sufficient area for comfortable work of the mobile vaccination team at least 3 people;
  • equipped with a couch for patients, chairs and tables for the mobile team;
  • has a table that can hold one small cooler bag (thermal container), injection materials and a box for safe disposal of syringes;
  • has access to a place for hand hygiene (access to a washbasin), a dispenser with an alcohol-containing antiseptic, and a disinfectant to treat the table, where the place of preparation for vaccination;
  • has internet access (Wi Fi).

You also need a room for medical observation after vaccinations for 30 minutes, which can accommodate 5-10 people. Do not forget about personal protective equipment - masks that will cover the mouth and nose (1 piece for each employee every 2 hours).

As of June 21, 2021, 1,447 applications for vaccination of teams have already been registered, for a total of 216,893 people.

We believe that it is possible to get vaccinated by several companies if you are "small".

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