«Що обрати, ФОП чи ТОВ?» — це питання хвилює багатьох підприємців при відкритті бізнесу.

The effectiveness of outsourcing is confirmed, because its main principle: "I keep only what I do better than others, I outsource what they do better than others."

The fact of non-filed tax return declaration or other reporting documentation, the filing deadlines for which are clearly regulated, is already a fait accompli. As auditors and accountants, we are able only to minimize the negative consequences of such a mistake.

What is a myth? It is people's idea of certain things, of the world around them, of certain phenomena. Myths are born by people's imagination, and they may be significantly different from reality.

Recently we have faced such a situation. During the audit of an enterprise classified according to two of three criteria as a medium-sized enterprise, it turned out that the company has a financial investment on its balance sheet - the company owns almost 95% of the stake in another company.

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