Have you ever tried to get a VAT refund? You are the winner if you have tried to do that once and you have managed to get a VAT refund on the current account. On the other hand, you may be the one, who has never succeeded to get a VAT refund.

The most valuable resource of our days is time. The more time you devote to strategic development, the more effective your business growth. But time is a limited resource. So what is the way to speed up that growth?

With view to introduction of quarantine the majority of businesses are considering to transform their business activity into online. Outsourcing of accounting process is one of such steps.

We are surpassing the fourth week of quarantine, or as it is widely called lock down, where our freedom of movement, and even freedom of choice is limited to the legislative restrictions.

The audit process is a shared responsibility of both the company and the auditor because they work, so to say, in tandem. Which means that in case the company fails to provide the data, representations, supporting documents, calculations, to the auditors in full, we would not be able to express relevant opinion on the financial statements of a company. дающие документы, и расчеты аудиторам в полном объеме.

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