Our vast experience helped us study the peculiarities of doing business in Ukraine and formed three main areas of services we provide to our clients: audit, consulting, and accounting services.

An audit allows owners and managers to obtain an independent and professional assessment of the company's internal control system, accounting and tax accounting, and correctness of financial and tax statements.

For companies that publish their statements, an independent audit forms an integral part of preparing financial statements for issue and increases the level of confidence in these statements for external users. A timely audit is an effective tool for preventing financial losses in the form of fines, sanctions, and cash outflows.

Consulting is primarily aimed at supporting your business in operational processes and improving its efficiency. By contacting us, you receive professional support in accounting, tax accounting, reporting, timely prevention of tax risks, taking into account ever-changing legislation, financial and economic analysis of your enterprise, support of tax audits, legal support, and, if necessary, assistance on stages of pre-trial and judicial proceedings.


At different stages of its activities, a company requires different types of audit.

When ordering an audit, our client receives timely verification and assessment of efficiency of accounting, testing of an internal control system, correctness of deductions and payments to the budget and non-budget funds, methods to solve existing problems or risks. We study the current state of financial activity of a company, evaluate risks and offer solutions for their prevention and/or minimization.

A mandatory audit is required for the companies that in accordance with applicable law must publish or provide users with their financial statements (consolidated financial statements) together with an audit report.

A tax audit is carried out to verify a company's documentation for compliance with tax legislation. It allows you to timely detect and eliminate mistakes in accounting and prepare for tax audit.

A voluntary audit is carried out by the decision of company's founders, on the initiative of its director, chief accountant or investors, when changing a chief accountant or director, when buying a part of shares, or before deciding on investing.


Our professionals will analyze your tax accounting and give their recommendations based on current legislation. They will develop a quality solution for you to reduce your tax costs and build a positive reputation for fiscal services. Tax consulting services will be useful to your company if you want to understand the law and check yourself, as well as to contribute to the development of your own business.

We are ready to offer related legal services. The valuation of assets (real estate, land, deposits, etc.) realistically reflects interests in carrying out sales transactions, preparing financial statements, and carrying out reorganization. As a result, we will provide a clear recommendation for your transactions and operations.


Outsourced accounting services involve changes in business processes of a company and transfer of accounting functions to a third-party company. This is European practice that, if compared with your own department, allows reducing the costs of software, organization of work space, and purchase of special literature. Unlike contracting a freelancer, we enter into a contract with a detailed description of services and work as a functional unit of professionals.

Experts of our company gain experience by working with companies of different forms of ownership and activities, which contributes to the continuous improvement of their qualifications. Therefore, our clients have no doubts about their competence