Well-known situation, when you ask in the store if they have a terminal, you are offered to send money on the card?

This seems to be a very common practice. But it is need to remember that for the sale of goods and sending money on the card faces a fine of 85 thousand UAH. People are constantly finding options that are convenient for them, and the authorities understand that in this way they lose a lot of money. Therefore addressed to citizens.

Tax authorities emphasize:

  • in most cases, sellers who use this sales scheme are not registered by businesses in the prescribed manner.
  • the proceeds are likely to be used to purchase counterfeit goods, pay salaries "in envelopes", and so on.

However, what worries them the most is that the budget does not receive a penny from such operations.

Buyers of goods under such a scheme are warned that the goods may be of dubious quality and without the possibility of returning them or apply to government agencies to protect their rights. In this case, the buyer does not receive a payment document that would confirm payment for the goods.

Finally, the State Tax Service warns that the systematic receipt of funds on the card account of individuals for goods or services has all the marks of economic activity, which must be registered. For economic activity without state registration there is an administrative liability - a fine of up to 85 thousand UAH with confiscation of manufactured products, tools, raw materials and money received as a result of such an administrative offense (Article 164 of the Code of Administrative Offenses).

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